Custom Homes Gallatin TN | How will Pettis builders be different from other homebuilders?

Pettis builders are different from the other builders in this industry because they are actually Custom Homes Gallatin Tn and make sure that your home is custom and not like anybody else’s and will show you by scheduling your free design/build estimate we draw at your custom home because we wanted to be one of one and give you the build estimate so that you know how many pennies if the crunch or what your cost will be of your new house so there is no other company in this industry is actually to give you a true estimate like we will.

The matter who you go to choose custom homes Gallatin TN as your custom home builder because we want the opportunity to while you and show you everything that we have the offer because we are guaranteed on time and on budget so you don’t have to spend months and possibly years and another house or a hotel we just want to make sure that you and your family are well taken care of. So we guarantee on time and on budget because we don’t want to go over your budget and your spending limit if we know the price so will make your house the best design possible and for your budget.

We’ve been featured on many organizations such as Gallatin news for a custom homes Gallatin TN, professional builder, woman’s Council of realtors, and even the Hendersonville standard. We’ve made a huge impact in Tennessee and are looking to spread out too much wider horizons because we want to make a huge impact in the home builder and custom home building industry because there is nobody like us and that is made such a huge impact in the community. We stop at nothing to create the monster of success.

As well as Pettis builders are some of the nicest builders that you will ever deal with because we the client first for ourselves because we want to ensure that they get the highest quality of service of that offer. There is no other quality of service that will compare to us because we listened every single client need we actually give them a free design and build estimate other companies won’t even do that. Most of the contractors or just to build your house that you can’t even afford so that your wrangled and paying monthly fees and on and on and then we’re not like that.

So if you’re looking for that transparent company that is going to put everything that you say to consideration and make everything that you want affordable. Then come to Pettis builders because we are going to ensure that every moment of success is built and started with each client we want them to be successful in their custom home builds so will make true cabinets, high-end granite tops and more of the client wants will make sure and will make sure we do reduce energy costs by putting in light bulbs and other fixtures that reduce your energy cost so that you don’t have to pay electrical bills so much.

Custom Homes Gallatin TN | Can Pettis builders build within my budget?

There’s no doubt the Pettis builders can build within your budget because we make custom homes Gallatin TN the most affordable custom homes that you will ever deal with. We don’t want to be the other geysers can be contractors that design something that you can afford and make you feel bad about yourself because you can’t afford it we will stop at nothing to make sure that we build the right house and it’s in your budget. And also under your budget. We don’t want to be like the other guys that are just trying to get extra money outta you for no reason.

So here at the best custom homes Gallatin TN we make sure your issues that you are having a quickly addressed and opened accurately so that we can fix it because we love providing solutions for you guys and that’s affordable when other companies won’t even wanna care about the quality of service that they give you or if there helping you focus on providing you a solution. We been working with contractors and designers for over 10 years now so we’ll proven track record so there are no excuses like the other guys that just hire their cousin to come try to design your house the way you want to know you need a professional that went to school for that.

Want to ensure success in every single person so custom homes Gallatin TN will make sure that all of your expectations are met and possibly exceeded because if we don’t exceed someone’s expectations and we did not do a job right just like going to work being on time is a late suggest meeting their expectations is not meeting expectations that just showing them that you can do the minimalistic stuff to show them that you got the house done. We will go above and beyond and over the top to make your house look like it is a million-dollar mansion.

The quality of our workmanship is unbelievable when telling the other guys that are constantly looking about how fast they can get it done Banff in size on quantity over quality so they can get more money for the company so they get paid more that’s not how we work if we only get one house done year then we get one house done a year because that shows that we put the quality and effort into a client so that it shows them that we can do the right work and write work every time. We just want to ensure excellence and quality every single time.

So if you think about getting a new custom home made today then definitely check out Pettis builders at and make sure to take a look at everything that we have the offer specially our gallery that shows you some homes that we have done in the past because we want the opportunity to amaze you and show you that customer business relationship. So if you have any questions for us and just want to ask any of our amazing representatives builders, and even designers give us a call at 615.293.4913 and will answer any question that you throw at us.