Luxury Home Remodeling Gallatin TN

At Pettis Builders, Gallatin TN remodeling experts, we understand that a home is a very important entity to each family we work with. Once memories are made in a place, it is hard to move away. However, overtime there may be changes that you would like to make to create a more comfortable space for your growing family. 

We can discuss remodeling one space in your home or an entire area, whatever you’re dreaming. From whole house remodeling to Bathroom remodels, we believe in working effortlessly with each client to give you the home you have dreamed of and we always work hard to make the process as pleasant and seamless as possible. Our work is not limited to the interiors. We have the expertise and capability to turn your existing, drab exterior into the jewel of your Gallatin neighborhood. 

Starting the project: 

The process starts by meeting Trey to discuss your desires in your remodel. In order to create a better outline for the project, a meeting at the home may be requested. This is important so that we can see the space we will be working in. We listen to your requests and offer alternatives, if needed, based on our professional experience. Quality home improvements can increase the value of your Gallatin home. 

We work directly with you to make smart decisions to get the most impact of your remodel. During this initial meeting, you will discuss your timeline and budget so that a prioritized remodeling Gallatin TN schedule can be made.

After completing the perfect design for your Gallatin remodel project and finalizing details, you will be provided with a schedule and cost estimates. We work hard to stay on schedule and within budget. Once you decide that Pettis Builders is the right choice for your remodel project, you will meet our experienced Interior Designer, who will be able to help you with all of the selections process while keeping within budget. Our Interior Designer works closely with each homeowner, taking their personal lifestyle into consideration with every selection.

Why Us:

Whether we are building a 5,000sf Gallatin home or remodeling a Kitchen, our focus and passion at Pettis Builders stays the same. We strive to “take your dreams and turn them into realities.” Our experienced team will help you bring your vision to life. We work hard to earn your respect and keep it and we never make a promise that we do not intend to keep. You will never have to worry that we will start a project and stop before it is completed. We work with high quality materials and provide outstanding workmanship to deliver a home that holds superiority over others, years after the project is complete. 

Room Additions:

By adding an additional room to your home, you will increase the value of your Gallatin home as well as its functionality. At Pettis Builders, we will ensure that the design of the addition will be done the right way, the first time. Whether it is a luxury guest bedroom, a glorious home gym or a cozy home theatre, we will guide you through every decision and with every selection to ensure that the dream room you want is the result you get. 


Whether it is knocking out closet walls and increasing the size of your bathroom or only a shower remodel Gallatin TN, Pettis Builders is here to help you turn that boring bathroom into a spa-like bathroom you have dreamed of. While keeping your style in mind, our highly experienced team of professionals will work with you to set a budget and deliver a plan that you will love. 


A kitchen remodel can bring great value to your home. We work directly with each client to get a sense of their style and how they use the kitchen. Our preferred custom cabinet company, Copenhaver Cabinets, is a great asset in every kitchen remodel Gallatin TN. They provide many options that a manufactured cabinet company cannot, such as building the cabinets in even the most awkward spaces and angles so that our home owners get to use every inch of space in their home. You do not have to be a gourmet chef to deserve a custom designed kitchen!

Outdoor Living:

More frequently than before, we are seeing families move their living spaces outdoors. With the comfortable spring and fall season along with the short winters in the area, this is the perfect way to expand your living space and bring value to your home. You do not have to have a huge back yard to take the advantage of this approach to increase the value of your home. From screened-in porches, decks, outdoor kitchens and pools, our team at Pettis Builders can discuss innovative designs and make suggestions that will bring your family together and maximize your living space. 


You can change the entire feel of your home by giving the exterior a “face lift”. This can include new siding or replacing the existing exterior with brick or stone, a new roof, porch design and landscaping. Adding small details to your home, such as shutters or new gutters can make a big impact in curb appeal!